Are You Confused By Your Man’s Action?

Men say that they have a hard time understanding women. Really? Did you know that an equal amount of women have a problem understanding men? I would never claim that I understand all of the men that I meet at London escorts. Some of them are really strange and it makes you wonder how they can function in general society. Many of the men I meet at London escorts seem to let porn and sex dominate their lives. I am sure that many other London escorts feel the same way.

For instance, what drives a man to spend all weekend watching pornos and then date London escorts? I would not exactly call that a constructive use of spare time. Perhaps that is their way of relaxing and chilling out, but I would consider it a complete waste of time. If they want to have a good time, I think that one of the best things they can do is to call their local London escorts agency and date a hot girl.

The other thing I find totally confusing about men is their need to have old cars. They like to call them classic cars. I have several affordable escorts in London who are really into their classic cars. They seem to spend all of their time restoring them. Many of them spend more money on their cars than they do on dating London escorts. Once they have restored their car, they often sell it and buy another one. What is the point in that? To me, it seems like a complete waste of money.

Why do men over 60 buy fast motorbikes? This is another strange thing that many men who like to date London escorts do. I am not sure what it is but men over the age of 60 often buy powerful motorbikes that they like to ride around on. The problem is that once you get older, your reaction speed slows down. I am not sure that buying a motorbike when you are over 60 is such a smart idea. Maybe buying a classic car, as long as it is not too fast, is a better idea.

Are you confused by your man’s action? If you are confused, why don’t you ask him why he reacted in that way or did such a thing. It helps to understand your partner so you can prompt each other for a smoother time with each other. I often do that at London escorts. The funny thing is that most men do not have a clue why they have acted in a certain way. It makes me wonder if men think about the way they act. When you ask men why they bought something or acted in a certain way, they often say that they wanted to. Most of the time, they do not offer any other explanation for their actions.

It makes you laugh, they say they don’t understand women. To be fair, it seems they don’t understand themselves either. At least women think about what they do.

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