Chocolate, the Perfect Food Before Sex

The sexual interest between couples or illicit sex depends largely on libido. Adults experiencing low libido suffer from both physical and emotional stress. Some of the factors that affect sex drive in adults include body health, exhaustion, and stress. It is embarrassing for any adult if they fail to satisfy an escort they had picked up for a night out due to a lack of sexual arousal. However, research has indicated that altering your diet proactively by consuming certain foods such as chocolate prevent the vicious cycle that sets in when one of the partners or both is not in the mood of sex.

Chocolate and its influence on libido

Consumption of chocolate before sex contributes immensely to sexual satisfaction for adults, according to research. Chocolate contains nutrients or compounds that have a reverse effect on the causes of low sex drive. Therefore, for adults or escorts wishing to have fun sexually, a bar or two of chocolate may go a long way in boosting your romance. Studies have shown that consumption of chocolate has a significant impact on stress, mood, libido, and overall health.

Are you an adult looking forward to engaging in sex? Are you worried you may not perform your best to satisfy your partner? If yes, stop worrying too much and start preparing for a great sexual encounter. If wondering how you’ll do that, consider taking a bar or two of chocolate, as this is likely to reduce your stress dramatically. The constituents in chocolate, such as methylxanthines and biogenic amines, stimulate the psyche and behavior of the body. Chocolate contains a precursor for the synthesis of phenylethylamine and serotonin responsible for raising mood in the body. Furthermore, the consumption of delicious food like chocolate triggers release of hormone endorphin that elevates the mood necessary for craving and pleasure in sex. For all foods, chocolate has the highest potential to provoke craving.

All functions of the body, including sexual stimulation, are controlled by the brain. Studies have shown that eating chocolate improves the functionality of the brain as it contains flavonoids that improve the health of the brain and circulatory system. Sexual desire requires a healthy brain and cardiovascular functioning. Research done by Lee Berk at California University indicated a direct relationship between happiness and chocolate consumption. If an adult is not happy in the event of sexual engagement, sexual desire also declines. Chocolate offers you an affordable yet healthy option to handle your sexual life more satisfactorily. What’s more, chocolate is safer and easily available than sex stimulating drugs.

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